The Power of Story

Last week my friend introduced me to an offshore engineer who builds windmills in the ocean with her own hands. Yes, she’s a woman. I was shocked because I didn’t know that this job even exists for women.

When I heard the word offshore, I could only imagine a bunch of guys with construction helmets and yellow safety vests that glow in the dark.

Then I met her: No helmet or safety fest, just a regular woman hanging out with her friends. I was stunned. Then she started telling me about her work and how fun it was.

The soft touch from the cool light breeze when you stand in the middle of the sea. The beauty of the sunset from your crane after you finish your work for the day. The satisfaction and pride you feel when the windmills you built stand stall in the ocean.

“I wish I knew it before. I would have been an offshore engineer too,” I talked to myself.

This is why I believe representation matters. Have I known earlier that such possibilities exist for women, that would have changed the course of my life. Deep down inside, I made a vow, “I am going to share her story!”.

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