Recap: Day 2 Juice Cleanse

I couldn’t believe I made it to complete the juice cleanse two days in a row! I thought it would be much easier than day 1 since my body would adapt better at this point. It was a false belief.

Here is what I have done for day 2:

Day 2 Juice Cleanse

  • 9.30 am: I drank a small glass of apple, carrot, pear juice
  • 11.00 am: I drank warm ginseng tea
  • 12.00 pm: For lunch, I had a big glass of turmeric, almond, vanilla juice which is my favorite from yesterday
  • 14.00 pm: my friend recommended me to have garlic tea which turned out pretty nice
  • 16.00 pm: I got quite hungry so I had a small glass of apple, celery, cucumber juice
  • 18.00 pm: I had a big glass of mix chia seeds, limes, mint juice from yesterday
  • 19.00 pm: I wanted something warm so I heated an almond milk


In the morning, I was already thinking of giving up. I even told my colleague about it.

Today was definitely hard. All afternoon I was craving for food. Then I went to meet my friend for a short walk after my juice lunch. She did juice cleanse before and she agreed that the 2nd day was definitely the hardest.

She gave me a lot of tips to push through, from making garlic tea to having hot water with lemon. It helped a bit.

I got hungrier in the afternoon and I couldn’t stop thinking about food. After my juice dinner, I was still hungry. All I wanted was to eat solid food.

Things started to calm down after 8 pm as I needed to attend my online writing class. My focus was no longer on food at this point and I managed to get to sleep afterward.


It was soooo hard!

I realised it was more of a mind game as well. As soon as I put my focus on work or my class, I didn’t feel as hungry anymore.

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