Jogging with Friends


I have been trying to jog for a while now and I have been a super slow runner. Normally I finish 1 km run for 11-13 minutes. And that is okay because I know that I am not in competition with anyone or anything. My focus is to build my stamina.

My friends moved to my building this month and they have been running too. Naturally we scheduled a running together together. This morning we went for it. We aimed to run for 2 km and we were just chatting while we jogged.

Surprisingly, we completed the run with 9 minutes per kilometer. It was the best result that I’ve ever clocked in. And the best part is, it didn’t even feel like hard work.

I am an only child, so I used to do everything by myself. However, it’s been proven so many times that things work better (and more fun!) when we do it together.

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