The Best Feeling in the World

“Ah I can do it a bit later”, this used to be my mantra for everything. It was just so handy!

Run errands? Ah I can do it a bit later. First, Netflix!

Text my old friend? Ah I can do it a bit later. First, Instagram!

Fold my laundry? Ah I can do it a bit later. First, Tiktok!

At that particular moment, it felt good to procrastinate. It was an instant dopamine hit, I got rewarded by not doing anything.

Shall I play Call Me Emperor or study statistics? Yeah right.

However, it never felt good the next day. It was frustrating to see piles of dirty dishes, especially when I was looking for a clean plate for lunch. It was super stressful to do tax returns hours before the deadline. I could not rest very well on my bed next to a mountain of unfolded laundry. The short term gain did not worth the long term pain anymore.

“This has got to change”, I thought to myself.

Now when I see a pile of dirty dishes after dinner, I picture how tomorrow’s Mia will thank me because she can find a clean plate easily for her lunch.

“Thank you, past Mia. You are so good to me,” tomorrow’s Mia will say to me.

That is what gets me to go & complete my errands these days. In a way, I get the same dopamine hit by imagining how future me will be happy if I complete the task today.

And the best feeling of all? When you can find a clean plate for your lunch right away.

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