The Power of Prayer

My mom used to live in Singapore when she was younger. The quality of life there was very good (and it still is!) and she made more money than what she did back home. She was having the time of her life.

Naturally she expected her daughter to be able to experience this too.

“Dear God, please help my daughter so that she can move to Singapore someday”, said my mom in her prayer.

I heard this every day. Not only she prayed for it, she also told me to get a job in Singapore.

I did not have any significant work experience at that time, so my focus was to do my job in Jakarta very well. I couldn’t even think of changing job, let alone moving to another country. It was annoying to hear my mom telling me to look for a job in Singapore every single day. I simply ignored her.

Then one day I received an email from a recruiter and she offered me a job opportunity in Singapore. Funnily enough, it was for a job that I did not have much experience for.

So I tried my best to do my homework by doing a lot of research on the topic beforehand. Then, I went through the interview process. It was quite straightforward. I did a couple of interviews, then I prepared a case study for the final session.

I just couldn’t get my hopes up. Therefore after the interview, I asked my mom to do what she does well, to pray for me.

A few weeks later, I moved to Singapore.

Some friends said that it was a coincidence. Others said that I was lucky. I still believe that it was because of my mom’s prayers.

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