Taxi Chat

It was almost midnight in Jakarta when I got in a cab to ride back home. I felt so tired as I spent the whole day working for a stressful pitch. Even though it was quite late, the traffic was pretty bad. I took a long deep breath in disappointment.

“Is everything alright?”, the taxi driver asked me.

I told him that I was tired after a stressful day at work and now I have to deal with the traffic. He nodded politely and asked me if there is any music I’d like to listen to.

I had no preference. He could play any music that he’d like to, I answered. I was wondering why he was so happy despite of the traffic. It was almost annoying to see. If you know Jakarta, the traffic is pretty bad nearly every day. I can’t imagine being a taxi driver in Jakarta. So I asked him how he could deal with the situation cheerfully.

“I think if we can approach life like we are in love, things are actually not that bad,” he said.

“You know, like when we are in love with someone, then we will try to look our best and treat her the best possible way. And when we are in love with our house, then we will keep it clean and beautiful. And when we are in love with our job, we just want to show up every day and do our best.”

“I just believe that when we are in love with our life, then we can start to see that life actually loves us back. As simple as that,” he smiled.

He might not know it, but that talk was definitely what I needed. It was probably the most profound taxi chat that I have ever had.

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