Simple Feng Shui

I decided to feng shui my home on the first day of the year.

I have been studying about it for the past few days. Initially I thought it would be too esoteric, impractical, and complicated. However, it is actually quite logical, applicable, and simple. It is even fun!

What Is Feng Shui?

The philosophy of feng shui is a practice of arranging the pieces in living spaces in order to create balance between an individual and their environment.

In a short note: Intention matters. Every part of our house serves an intention and everything we put in the room should convey it.

Here is what I did to feng shui my home.

Keep the entryway clear and bright

According to feng shui, entryway is the main portal through which energy enters our home. It represents how the world sees us, almost like a first impression. We need to keep the area clean, bright, and clutter-free.

I got rid of piles and balled-up socks. I did some dusting and decluttering. And I have added a plant. I did what I could do to make the area feel inviting.

Declutter under-bed storage

In general, feng shui would like the area under the bed to be completely clear. This way Chi energy can circulate and nourish us as we sleep.

However, I live in a small flat and I need under-bed storage. According to feng shui, I could still store things under my bed that have as little active energy as possible.

I used to put everything under the bed and I have been having a hard time falling asleep lately. Therefore I thought I’d give this a shot. I took out all the clutters there, ranging from bags and hats to old electronics. Now I only have clean, well-loved, and neatly stacked bed linens & clothings under my bed. Let’s see how I sleep tonight.

Keep the bathroom door and toilet seat closed

Bathroom has a lot of drains and they can be a source of downward and depleting energy. To minimize this, it’s a good idea to keep the bathroom door and toilet seat closed as much as possible. It will help minimize the possibility of good energy and resources from flowing away from you. 

As a bonus, this simple habit reduces the humidity and moisture in the bathroom which keeps mold and mildew at a minimum.

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