How I Secured My Work Visa in Germany

I used to think that it was almost impossible to work in Europe without having to study here or marry a European. Now I know that it doesn’t have to be the case. It might not be easy to get a work visa in Germany, but it is definitely achievable. And here is how you can get it too.

Get a Job

Spread your cv, reach out to people, and update your LinkedIn. You will also get a higher chance if you are skilled in the professions that are needed in Germany. They are ranging from Software development to sales management.

This process could take a while as you will need to send out many applications and go through multiple online interviews. Consistency and patience are the keys here.

Prepare Your Paperworks

It is not enough to get a job, you will also need to prepare all the necessary paperwork. If you don’t study in Europe and/or your degree is not in the “anabin” database, you will need to get your diploma evaluated by ZAB. This process takes around 1 month.

Then there is a lot of other paperworks that you need to submit depending on the type of visa that you apply. Blue Card for skilled workers, Freelancer Visa for self-employed and business owners, or a normal working visa.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the amount of paperworks. As long as you follow the guidelines, things are actually very straightforward and well organized here.


After you submit the paperworks, it can take months until you get the visa. The waiting process can be nerve-wrecking, but you can’t just sit and worry about it all the time. If you get a solid job offer and nothing is missing from your paperworks, most of the times your visa will be approved.

In the meantime, have fun with your life, hope for the best, and wait for the result.

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