Alone in a Bar

“You went to a bar by yourself???”, I asked my friend Val in disbelief. She came to Singapore for a visit and on her first a couple of nights here, she went to a speakeasy by herself.

She just answered confidently, “Why not?”.

I couldn’t picture myself doing that. Normally I don’t mind going anywhere alone, it just feels super awkward to be in a bar by myself. After my conversation with Val, I silently promised that I will go to a bar by myself one day. This was in 2015.

Years passed by, I just never had the chance to do it. I either go to a bar with friends or I don’t go at all. Until I went to Taipei this year. I was alone and I did not know a lot of people there. Somehow I was just craving for a nice cocktail. I suddenly remembered my promise, this is the right time to make it come true.

As a classic tourist, I just googled “Best Bar in Taipei”. And Ounce showed up. I was so nervous. As a result, I passed the bar twice before I decided to go in. Somehow I got lucky and they seated me in front of the bar which was the only free seat that night.

I thought I would be sitting alone by myself and be bored. However, the bartender entertained me all night along. He even gave me a long list of where to go in the city. Initially I was planning to only go for 1 drink, I ended up staying for more. In my defense, the cocktails were amazing. It was definitely one of my best nights in Taipei.

Now this has become one of my principles in life: Whenever I feel scared in doing something, it means I need to do it.

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