2020 Moments & Milestones

My friend shared me her Annual Review template. Initially I was hesitant to do it because I did not think I have done much this year. After I wrote these timelines, it made me feel content and hopeful.

Even though 2020 was not an ideal year for many of us, I am still very grateful because lots of good things, progress, and lessons happened. Looking backward definitely gave me a different perspective. Here is the template that my friend and I used if you would also like to do your annual review.

January – March

  • Just Juno got selected to pitch at ChangeNow Summit in Paris. It was my first experience pitching abroad in front of 100+ audience.
  • First time ever in Warsaw. I was there for business trip with Xandr and extended my stay over the weekend to enjoy the old town, a Chopin Recital, and surprisingly yummy Indonesian food.
  • Did my last business trip with Xandr this year to Düsseldorf right before the Covid-19 lockdown. I managed to present in front of 20+ traders. Wanted to present in German but ended up doing it in English.

? April – June

  • Pandemic Birthday. I celebrated my birthday completely alone due to the first lockdown. Secretly I loved it. I ordered a fancy menu from Crackers and donuts in Happy Mia-day letter-shaped from my favorite Brammibal’s Donuts.
  • First mentorship session with Wedu. It felt very satisfying to be able to provide a tiny contribution to help my mentee to achieve her goals. 
  • First presentation in German. I cheated and used script in the presentation, however it was the first step to get myself comfortable. I am almost working completely in German now. 

? July – September

  • My first boating course. It was pretty random, but it felt really good. I got shouted at some point by the instructor since I parked the wrong way, but somehow he grew kinder towards me. I passed both the practice and theory exam fully in German. Now you can call me Captain Mia.
  • First time camping and completing Wildnisschule. Fons and Debbie took me to a spontaneous chill camping trip and after that I joined Wildnisschule. It was pretty crazy as I decided to spend one night alone deep in the woods. Definitely one of the scariest moments I have ever experienced.
  • Speaking at Dmexco, OMR, and Xandr Connect. It was such a highlight as it has always been on my bucket list to be speaking on an industry’s conference. It was very rewarding and one of my proud & grateful moments. How many women with my background could speak in a big conference like this?!

? October – December

  • Taipei Trip. One of my highlights this year is definitely Taipei. Here I made some of my dreams come true like making my own boba and went to a speakeasy bar by myself!
  • Sponsored my nephew to pursue bachelor degree in Indonesia. I believe education helped to shape the path to achieve my dream to live abroad. And I hope this way I could help him to achieve his dreams too.
  • Got accepted for Master Degree in Artificial Intelligence. I always wanted to do a master degree but had not found the degree that I am interested in until recently. I will be studying at University of York starting from January 11th 2021. 
  • Sent my first flat reservation. It was almost as scary as my first night in the woods. It is probably the biggest investment I have ever committed myself into.
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  1. I’m glad you wrote it! Seems like a great year filled with accomplishments and adventures! Congratulations Captain Mia!

    By the way, is University of York in Berlin? Is the course in person?

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