My teacher was crying during our German lesson today.

She was upset that the other student gave her a low rating which affected her overall teaching score. I could tell that when we went through the lesson, she was not there. She was still back to the time when she opened an email to see the low rating from her student.

I often find myself in her position too. Sometimes we get so caught up by negative results. Our mind plays different type of scenarios on how things could work differently. We end up missing and appreciating what is in front of us.

What we frequently forget to realize is we can’t always control the results. All we can control is the start of things. Whether we send nice texts to an old friend, but not whether they reciprocate. We can plan the event, but not if it will happen. As an old saying goes, we can only do our best, and let God do the rest.

“Boldness is the beginning of action. But fortune controls how it ends.”

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