How To Get A Job Abroad Using LinkedIn

At this stage of my life, I have the confidence that I could get a job in any country that I want to. It’s not because I am super genius, I just know how the system works. And being persistent does not hurt too.

You could ditch me in any random country, I’d get a job there. Here how you can do it too.

Make the most out of LinkedIn

I got most of my jobs abroad from LinkedIn. This platform really makes it easier for us to connect with prospective employers or recruiters. If you haven’t updated your LinkedIn, you need to do it immediately. Just make sure you turn off the update being pushed to your network or your current employer sees you’re updating it! šŸ˜‰

There are a few ways you could get a job from LinkedIn:

  • Check the Jobs section on LinkedIn. It is very straightforward and the process is very easy. You can filter for jobs in any location and you can even apply directly using your LinkedIn in some of the posts.
  • Approach recruiters in your industry. Using the search function on LinkedIn, you can easily find recruiters or HR managers. You can reach out to them directly and ask if there is any job opening. Don’t be shy!
  • List the company that you want to apply. Find the people who work in the division that you are interested in and make connection with them. Many companies prefer to hire via internal referral. Therefore, it is very useful to contact them directly.

If you do decide to reach out to people on LinkedIn, please keep in mind that these people might receive tons of messages here and they do not have time for chit chat. Make sure that your message is straightforward, but it still conveys your expertise on the same time.

This is the sample message that I created when I was looking for a job in Berlin. Chiara Cokieng gave me the idea of writing an article that shows my skills in the industry.

After you send out the message, do not expect to get a response immediately. As a matter of fact, do not expect to get a response at all. You can’t take things personally in this game. If you get an answer, it’s a good sign and you need to follow up immediately. If there is no answer, move on and keep searching.

I used to think that I need to be a talented programmer or a gifted engineer to get a job abroad. That was wrong, I just need grit.

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