Master Degree

When I was at school, I used to dream of pursuing a master degree abroad. Higher academic degree especially from western countries is very respectable in Indonesia. Thus, if I could get one, it would open the door for me to get a better paying job.

Fast forward to now, I don’t see master degree as prestigious anymore. I only see it as one of the ways where we can expand our knowledge and network. I actually have dropped the plan to continue my study until recently.

These days I have been interested to learn about Artificial Intelligence. I believe in the power of big data & automation and how they can impact our life significantly. Knowing myself, self-taught study could only get me so far. Therefore, I decided to sign up for a part-time master degree in the subject.

I don’t know whether I will be accepted or not. However, I am excited for the possibility of ticking off another item on my bucket list.

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