Time Will Tell

A couple of months ago, my friend went on a date with a guy who she did not feel any sparks with. However, she thought to give him a shot.

They went on a couple of dates and she was still feeling unsure whether to continue seeing him or not. On the other hand, the guy was consistent. He did not play games and he kept his words. They kept on seeing each other regularly. 

Last weekend, she was supposed to meet him for another date. However, he got sick. After that he has not been responding to her in the way that she expected, even though he already gets better. His recent texting behaviour is normal but it drives her crazy in her head.

I think it is safe to say that she likes him now. Funny how time can turn things around just like that.

Maybe that’s what we should do sometimes. Instead of making a hasty decision, we should just give people a chance and let time tell.

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