Tea Ceremony

Eversince I got back from Taipei, I have been obsessed with tea ceremony. I am just in love with the idea of taking the time off of your day to mindfully brew tea.

Tea ceremony is performed in a slow and relaxing way to aid the appreciation of the tea. There are multiple stages in the ceremony which all must be performed with great respect.

The first stage of the ceremony is the warming of the cups by pouring hot water in it.

Next, we place the tea leaves into the pot. Once the tea leaves have been added, we will fill the pot with lukewarm water to cover the leaves and let it sit for around five seconds before dumping the water. This will allow the leaves to breath, stretch, and wake up.

Finally, it’s time to brew the tea. The duration that we need to steep the tea will depend on the type of the tea that we use. It normally takes around 20-30 seconds to brew my favorite red tea.

There is also great emphasis on appreciating the smell of the tea. After brewing, we will pour the tea into a sniffer cup, which we use to inhale the aroma of the tea before drinking it from a separate drinking cup.

We will also not dump the tea leaves after the first pour. We can use the same leaves up to five consecutive pours depending on the type of tea.

That is tea ceremony in a nutshell.

I have been doing it now almost everyday. It reminds me to take a break and enjoy the present moment. It also trains me to be patient. The mark of a good tea ceremony master is to do everything very mindfully and respectfully.

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