Speak Up (in German)

I often stay quiet in meetings, especially if they are held in German. I judge myself so hard beforehand, I end up not saying anything.

Not only I have an impostor syndrome, I feel insecure about my grammar on top of that. What if I say something that people don’t understand? What if they think my German is so bad? Will they deport me out of the country? It’s always downward spiral from there.

Overcoming insecurity could be a lifelong process. In the meantime, I need to find a system that makes it easier for me to speak up in German.

Joel Garfinkle, Author and Executive Coach, suggests to challenge yourself to speak three times in a meeting. 

  1. Once to voice a point you have prepared.
  2. Once to ask a question.
  3. Once to share a thought that comes up during the meeting.

I’ll be trying these out on all of my meetings starting from tomorrow onward!

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