The Best Gyno

Yesterday I went to a new gynecologist for a regular check-up.

She noticed that I was struggling with my German, so she offered kindly if she should switch to English instead. I politely rejected and I told her that I want to practice my German. She supported my decision eagerly.

During the check-up, she asked me how my day was. When she noticed that I was feeling shy and awkward, she started to tell me a funny story about her son who got lost in an Italian restaurant. I couldn’t help but to laugh.

I asked her a few questions about some tests that the clinic offers. She patiently explained each of the services and she gave me her thoughts if a test is necessary or not.

All the previous gynecologists that I visited were very competent and they could do their job very well. Normally I went there and they did the check-up. I asked questions and they answered. They finished the check-up and I said goodbye.

The new gynecologist did not need to ask me how my day was, but she did. She did not need to make a small talk to comfort me, but she did. She could just do her job without making any connection, but she did.

And that’s what makes the difference: She does beyond what she has to do. As a result, I signed up to more health tests than I should.

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