Negative Feedback

“The bad stuff is easier to believeYou ever notice that?” – Pretty Woman (1990).

I have to provide 360 Feedback to my colleagues this month. It’s not an easy process for me as I always take this personally and I want the recipient to have the insights that they deserve.

However, I am not particularly convinced in the impact of negative feedback. I’ve given and received feedbacks in the past. Although I already forgot much of the details, I still remember how I felt when I received negative feedbacks and how I kept obsessing about it afterward.

Another case, I gave a friend a negative feedback in the past. As a result, he is still bringing this up during our conversation until now. It just sticks.

Study says that negative feedback is seen as more accurate measure of someone’s opinion of you. Negative information is more memorable and people remember who gave them the negative information more than they remember the details of positive information.

Can we change people through negative feedback? Maybe.

Is it efficient? I don’t know.

Is it painful though? Definitely.

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