Intentions and Results

“All of my words, if not well put or well taken, are well meant.” ― Woody Guthrie

Photo by Robert Bye on Unsplash

Back from my vacation in NYC, and I got to say that I truly enjoyed the city. It was overwhelming at first — plenty of things to do, so many people on the street, so much going on — but it kind of grew on me. I learned so much about my self and I did so many things for the first time: going to the club by myself, riding bike on busy streets ( it’s always something I am scared to do! ), eating Ethiopian food, and other stuff.

During my trip I started to learn to be more aware about my intentions. Why do I want to do this activity? Why do I need to go to this place? Why do I have to contact this person? I realised how often we do things out of habit, we forget its meaning anymore. It becomes an automatic pattern that we don’t put much thoughts into it. We end up taking some things for granted.

By being aware of my intentions, it helps me to focus on being present and give my 100%. To do my best with what I can and what I know at the moment. I guess this is a permanent learning process.

The tricky part is how to have a good intention but also detaching ourselves from the result at the same time. I noticed that when I intend to do something, I expect some sort of results. Then I will suffer if I don’t achieve the results that I want to get. For example:

Activity: Write a blog post.
Intention: To share my thoughts with my friends and the world.
Expected Result: X number of people read my blog.
Real Result: No one reads my blog.
My Feelings: ?

So from the example above, if I define my success or drive my feelings based on the real result that I get, then I will be super sad.

If I shift my focus only on my intention and treat the result as a tool/lesson on how to make things better next time, then I will feel so much happier. Or at least, neutral.

A lot of times, things don’t go as expected. That’s just the way it is. And it’s okay. The hard part is accepting it and moving on to focus on things that matter.

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