The Power of an Intro

“Ask people you know if they can introduce you to someone you are specifically looking to meet.” ― Beth Ramsay

Photo by Chris Liverani on Unsplash

The concept of asking for an introduction was fairly new to me. Why do I need to ask for an intro from someone else if I could reach out to the person directly? Well, I learned the answer to this question 103 cold emails later.

Ever since I founded my own company this year, I literally sent tons of emails and LinkedIn messages. I was mostly trying to reach out and connect with people who have expertise in my industry, with the hope that they would be willing to spend a bit of their time sharing their knowledge.

After allocating so many hours crafting individual messages for each person, only 9 people actually replied. I know that I need to polish my content better. And I know that these people are super busy. Also I know that I can automate the process to be more efficient. However, as for now, this looks like an inverted Pareto principle: I spent WAY more efforts compare to the result I received.

Then I noticed the magic at play: Some mentors and friends sent a few intro emails to their networks. And baboom! More than 85% replied and expressed their interests to help me with my project. These introductions have opened the door for me to gain valuable insights into my markets, expand my networks in the industry, and create possibilities for collaboration. They made such a huge impact on me and I will be forever grateful.

Now I will still work on to improve my cold emails technique, in order to enlarge my funnel. Before I do, I will have a close look at my networks and reach out to them to ask this simple question, ”Can you please connect me with…?”

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