Confessions of an Awkward Networker

“Effective networking isn’t a result of luck — it requires hard work and persistence.” — Lewis Howes

When I signed up to become a founder, I did not realise how many networking events that I should go to. I thought it was only about making great products with meaningful purposes.

I stand corrected. The truth is great products will not mean anything if no one knows about it. And since I do not have a marketing budget or a recognised brand yet, I should start putting the words out there.

So I’ve been going to networking events. A lot of it. My friend even told me that I’ve been networking on steroid.

Initially it was super awkward. Mostly because I got caught up thinking about what people would say about me if I just randomly approach them. Also I often went blank, not knowing what to say. Or sometimes I got super nervous and started rambling away. And a lot of times I got rejected because I picked the wrong timing / mood / people.

Well, it still feels awkward for me to attend those type of events until now, but I realised that my mission is way bigger than my fear. And I need to pull through. Feeling awkward here and there is only a small price I need to pay in order to spread my message and get my products out there.

With more practice, it will get easier for sure. In the meantime, I’m okay with awkward.

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