Problem vs Solution

Photo by Olav Ahrens Røtne on Unsplash

Before I joined Founder’s Institute (FI), I already developed some startup ideas that I want to pursue. I thought they were great. I thought they were the next big things. Well, they were not. Most of them were pretty crappy.

I was stuck with my ideas, it made me forget what the problem I was trying to solve. And this is nicht gut. One of the mentors at FI actually mentioned words that hit home to me:

Do not fall in love with the solutions. Fall in love with the problems instead.

FI made me spend time to find the problems to solve that I am passionate about. And I found one!

Growing up in Indonesia as a girl, I felt like my purpose in life was to find a good husband. I didn’t know there’s other standard of success for women until I live abroad. Only until i moved to Berlin, I realized that i could actually build a business on my own.

Therefore, I decided to develop a product that hopefully will inspire girls in developing countries to dream big.

My solutions:

  1. Fun educational mobile game for girls where they play the character of the real female role models and follow their story. This is to inspire them and show them possibilities that they too could achieve what these role models achieve.
  2. Startup bootcamp for teenage girls to encourage girls come up with ideas that solve problems in the world and to connect them with mentors and investors.

I am currently doing market research to validate these ideas. And now I feel more free if they end up being criticized, torn apart, or completely removed in other to reach a better solution. Happy to hear your thoughts!

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