My Little Baby Steps

Photo by Emma Frances Logan on Unsplash

I used to set big goals in life, only to abandon them a few months later. The idea of having big goals sounds sexy and glamorous, but the implementation part of it is intimidating and excruciating. And this situation often leads me to deep disappointment and frustration.

So now i will break my goals into multiple small parts that i can achieve easily instead. I am going to take baby steps, little by little.

One of my mega-goal is to launch a business on my own, to create a product that i find meaningful. This sounds grandiose, so most likely i will not make it happen.

Therefore, i revised it into an easier goal: This year i will create a series of blog posts that captures my process in creating a business of my own.

Yes, this is my first baby step! And more to come!

Now, i am going to celebrate my mini victory with a nice bar of chocolate.

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