My First Prototype

My first prototype

It’s been a hectic and exciting ride so far to make my product comes to life!

I decided to make a fun educational mobile game for girls where they play the character of the local female role models and follow their story. This is to inspire them and show them possibilities that they too could achieve what these successful women have achieved.

Initially, I was doubting my self on how I can build a mobile game prototype, without having programming skills. A couple of friends told me that I could just build it on paper first. No programming skills required.


So I sat down to build my prototype on Powerpoint. And I completed it after 4 hours. Then, my friend suggested me to transfer my paper prototype to a platform that can make my drawing looks like a real app. And I did. 🙂

I know it’s far from perfect, still a lot of work to do! But what surprised me was it’s really not as hard as i thought. I needed to push myself to start, and that was the hard part.

I guess I got caught up thinking too much about my limitations, they almost stopped me to pursue my dream. I realised that this limited belief was the “imagined” constraint that I set for myself. A lot of real constraints are actually overcome-able.

Real Constraint: No programming skills

Imagined Constraint: No Prototype because I have no programming skills

The AltMBA taught me that it is beautiful to learn the art of identifying the crippling constraints and easing them, or working around them. And talking to friends definitely help to provide fresh perspective on the situation.

I am super grateful to those who supports me & my project all the way.

Please let me know if you have any feedback on the prototype. Happy to hear your thoughts!

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