On Money

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I noticed that the most successful people that i admire share one thing in common: they do the things they do, never for money, always for love.

That’s a foreign concept to me. Being raised in a third world country, i was always taught the importance of money. My mom grew up very poor and she managed to climb out of poverty. She knew how it feels like to not have enough money to even buy plain food. I, however, never experienced that as a kid. She would do anything to make sure that i have enough to eat. She made me a fat kid, but that is another story.

One thing that she always told me, “Make sure you save. You need to have cash. It’s colder outside when you have no money.” This belief kept me going, until recently i realized that i cannot operate solely based on money. I did not have a sense of contentment because I always ended up wanting more and more. I felt miserable because i judged my self-worth based on how much money i earned.

I need to pivot to love.


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