On Helping Others

There was a job vacancy in my office and i knew someone who was also looking for one. I, however, doubted her abilities in doing the job as i never work with her before. Therefore i felt reluctant to even recommend her for the position.

I was chatting with a friend about this topic. I expressed my dilemma to him and he gave a statement that really hit home.

“You do not think that way when you want to help someone. You shouldn’t calculate if they are worthy or not of your help. All you need is a good intention, and that’s all.

Whatever happens afterward, it’s up to them. Up to them to prepare for the interview, up to them to work hard for the job. What matters is you already do your part. And that’s it.”

He made me notice that it was my ego still trying to control the outcome of the situation. I was worried that she wouldn’t be able to perform at the job, and that could hurt my reputation. What reputation, i asked myself. It was just my ego shouting out loud. ­čÖé

The formula is actually so simple: As long as i have a good intention, try to help as much as i can. Then let go. And that’s it.


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