Parcours 2018


Parcours 2018 was actually the highlight of my trip to Basel for Art Basel this year. This event left a memorable impression on me. Not only i could enjoy all the amazing work of arts that were spread all around the city, i got to explore the corners of Basel that were not listed on the travel book. It made me go all the way from the Antique Museum to Engel & Volkers office. (Yes, they showed an art performance inside the real estate broker office! )

One of my favorite was when i trekked down the steep steps toward the garden of the Allgemeine Lesegesellschaft Basel. And hidden right in the corner, there was this majestic Pierre Huyghe’s sculpture of a crouching female figure with a beehive growing from her head. I just loved the facts that the colony of bees living inside the hive will pollinate the surrounding flora.

Basel, you blew my mind – in a beautiful way.

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