On Tiny Habits

I have been trying to build good habits lately and somehow i failed most of the times. It always started strong the first few days, and just went downhill afterward. Sucks.

I bumped into this Ted talk by BJ Fogg yesterday and a lightbulb went off in my head. I remember saying to myself “Aha, this could be the solution”.

Essentially below are how the Tiny Habits works:

  1. Find a trigger—something that you already do as a habit.
  2. Add a tiny step of the new habits.
  3. Celebrate the win.

For example, “After I finish brushing my teeth, I will floss one tooth.” Right after carrying through these steps, we then give ourselves a celebratory pat on the back. That might be by saying, “Yay!” or “Awesome!”.

I will start small by working on my morning routines. Mine should be:

After i wake up, i meditate. Yay!

After i meditate, i drink a glass of water. Awesome!

After i drink a glass of water, i do 10 air squats. I am amazing!

I also signed up for the free Tiny Habits program which will start by the end of the month. Let’s see how it goes. I am crossing my fingers on this one!


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