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tim raue

The reason why i visited the restaurant on the first place was not because of the popularity of the place nor the tastiness of the food. It was the story of the chef that intrigued me.

It’s the classic rags-to-riches tale. Tim Raue had a tough childhood –  lived with abusive father and joined a violent street gang. He somehow managed to turn his life around and is now running his own two-Michelin-starred restaurant in Berlin. This kind of story gives you hope. And i do hope the food here is as amazing as the life of Tim Raue.

It’s a bit difficult for me to grasp the concept of an Asian restaurant without anyone in the kitchen staff having an Asian background. I guess Tim Raue is fair enough by saying that this restaurant serves Asian inspired cuisine.

The food has top quality ingredients, and dishes are beautifully presented & well-balanced. However, It has an incredibly bland flavor to me. Much of what I eat here was lacking in some kind of integral Asian flavor.

Maybe the Asian force is not strong on this one. Maybe Tim Raue got it right with his self-professed “Asian bastard” fine dining. This jerk definitely butchered Asian food – in a beautiful and precise way though, i should admit.

If what you are looking for is a thoughtful and attractive food presentation with clean and unique flavor, then Restaurant Tim Raue is the place to go. Look how gorgeous the fish-shaped yuzu cheesecake here!

But if you are craving for a true Asian flavor that hits your tongue in all the right spot, Monsieur Vuong is where you should head to.

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