Hello Berlin!


Or should i say, Hallo Berlin!

May 3rd 2016: I boarded my Qatar Airlines flight to Berlin. I’d just quit my job in Singapore and decided to have a break from 9 – 5 grind. My initial plan was to stay in Berlin for a couple of months, to pick up a German language course, then maybe move back to Asia and start over.

That entire 16-hour flight I was scared out of my mind but excited at the same time. A friend described this feeling as “Uncomfortably Excited”. It’s probably my favorite feeling to have now.

Since i didn’t have any jobs, i relied heavily on my savings – which kept on decreasing. While studying the language, i tried my luck by spreading my cv around all over Europe. And that’s how it all began, again. I got a job here and canceled my return flight ticket back to Singapore.

It’s 2018 now, and i still live happily in Berlin. 🙂

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